Waste management system

All in one solution for waste management

One integrated platform

The system forms container collection tours. Performs control of waste collection, monitoring, recording of discrepancies. Performs automatic data generation on waste disposal. Collects data on quantity of services provided. Performs waste traceability. Enables real-time monitoring of waste collection processes. Accurate location of containers. Data transfer to the customer billing system.


Automation of billing processes enables efficient collection of contributions
Efficient collection

By population, unit of plant, area, actual number of lifts, actual weight, generation rates.

Billing and Sale

Acceptance, billing, sale of the accumulated products.

High Color Saturation

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automated billing

Accurate, automated billing of waste collection points and landfills

Declarations and auditing

Electronic declarations of waste accepted, auditing of readings, automated management of waste accounting, creation of waste accounting journals, timely invoicing, traceability of waste path, full transparency of activities, creation of a regional waste management journal.

System consists of

Waste container identification (RFID chip), Waste container level sensor, Waste and container identification (tablet), Integration of dynamic, chassis and crane scales, Video Recorder, Data acquisition GPRS data transmission network, Global Positioning System (GPS), Integrated geographical information management system, Software system modules.

Software system modules and implementation

User authorization module, customer management module, container management module, service area module, route management module, timetable management module, mobile application management module, reporting module.

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