Asset management system

All in one solution for asset management

Asset management System

Our own created and designed system is ideal to implement the strategic goals of property management. Main goals of our system are:

to ensure the rational and efficient management of municipal property (buildings, premises, engineering structures), the efficiency of its use and maintenance.

to ensure the economic return on the use of municipal property (to increase the income from rent, to reduce the arrears of tenants for rent, to monitor and control the disposal of property, etc.).

Current situation

Companies and municipalities own a lot of real estate that needs to be administered and used efficiently. There are many other tangible assets in these real estate, which also need to be administered and the efficiency and expediency of their use need to be assessed. However, in many cases, municipal/company assets are managed in a decentralized manner. And institutions or municipal departments work in different ways and use different systems. A large part of the data is also kept in paper documents. All this makes working with municipal/company property difficult and often inefficient - requiring a lot of time and other resources.

Problems arising from inefficient asset management and possible solutions

The rental of facilities or the provision of services do not provide the maximum possible financial benefit   

Solution: In the asset management system, with the help of reports, the costs incurred and the revenue generated are estimated and compared. Based on this analysis, the use of assets is optimized.

Often, the information obtained about an asset or its use is inaccurate and the information available is difficult to access for the employees or managers concerned. Submitting and retrieving data is complex and time-consuming:

Solution: With an asset management system – centralized work with real estate and small assets – all information in one place. The submission and receipt of data are fully transferred to the electronic space. This simplifies the presentation of data and access to the necessary information.

Due to the human factor, errors are made in the collection and presentation of data (data may be inaccurate), which affects the quality of decisions and requires additional time to correct errors.

Solution: The system can automate the collection and entry of building data into a database using the necessary information tools to create safeguards against human error in the event that data is entered manually. At the same time, opportunities are created to synchronize data with other databases of information systems used in the municipality.

The collection, processing, storage and presentation of site-specific information requires a lot of paper and staff time in various institutions. The tasks formed on the basis of that information reach the persons responsible for their execution with poor quality or slowly.

Solution: One web portal (one window) is created, for the presentation of information about the objects and on the basis of this information, tasks are formed, which are assigned to the responsible persons. This increases the efficiency, quality and efficiency of work.

It is difficult to plan investments without having information in one place and without high-quality data analysis

Solution: In the system – as a unified whole, data about each property object is collected and stored: its condition (inspection logs), history of use, and operation. This allows, on the basis of reports, to prepare and make more efficient and accurate decisions when preparing investments.

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