building management solution

One system to manage all your property


Works with various local or shared data transmission networks: ETHERNET, GSM / GPRS, LORA, NARROWBAND. It is universal and collects data from devices of any manufacturer that have the following communication protocols: MBUS, WMBUS, VBUS, MODBUS and other protocols openly provided by the manufacturer. Performs PRE -BILLING functions, providing the necessary preparation and transmission of automatically collected data to billing systems (BILING). It has its own local and universal solution, which, if necessary, ensures the collection of data in local objects of devices with the possibility of scanning or scanning for other purposes from different manufacturers.

 It has additional means (APS) that allow collecting data from local devices on site and transferring them to the data preparation module via the Internet if necessary. Implemented in the system – data collection network service, thanks to which monitoring of the data collection system operation is ensured by identifying problem areas to ensure data collection from all objects. Validation system, thanks to which the quality (correctness) of the collected data is ensured. The possibility to allow the system user’s client to control and analyze his consumption data


Is fully compatible and can work with other IT systems used by the company. Internet access ensures safe use of the system. has been implemented a full data exchange with BILING systems, which allows the operational and automatic transfer of all necessary information from the system for the formation of accounts.



Automate data collection from meters, sensors and other scannable devices from various manufacturers.

Boiler room equipment for modern heating system.


Process the collected data for IT systems for BILING or equipment maintenance

scarf and house on the Heating System


Ensure the completeness and reliability of the collected data thanks to its service

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